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ICO Valley

The Italian Human Digital Hub


The starting point for a new digital cultural revolution.

ICO is the acronym for Ivrea Canavese Olivetti and draws inspiration from the industrial, cultural, business, human and social heritage of this region, which reached its peak in the last century with Olivetti.

Today, ICO shares the same desire to innovate and lead the profound changes that await us in the coming years. We need to rewrite the rules of future society, which will be more inclusive, sustainable, transparent. And we are ready!


Skills training is at the basis of the changes that await is. It is important not only for young people, so that they can understand and design their own future, but also for workers who are already employed in different economic sectors, so that they are not excluded from the digital transformation.

Studenti che salgono le scale


2H Tech is the first start-up and SMEs accelerator using the principles of Behavioural Design to develop non-hostile technology at the service of people.


Thanks to its partners, ICO Valley is able to activate a network of diverse players, from businesses to research bodies, which can design and deliver innovative services to navigate the digital transition. Palazzo Uffici is the heart of the network and the community.

Immagine Business Hub


ICO Valley was created in the places of the Olivetti heritage to develop a new model of digital reuse.

Innovation and sustainability are also made of behaviours that, in turn, stem from values (Olivetti). If values are developed through systemic and structural actions, utopia can turn into projects, and projects can evolve into entrepreneurial activities.

the timeline



Creation and launch of a public-private partnership for the project implementation.



Solid and ambitious initiatives, with well-defined objectives, timeframes, costs, implementation methods.


Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee was created in June 2020 on the initiative of Virginia Tiraboschi, its current President. 

The entity includes 43 participants, who have contributed to the creation of the project by participating in the definition of its contents.

The Organizing Committee set up an Operating Team focused on the implementation of the project. The Operating Team organized expanded working groups, collected over 45 project designs after more than 1,800 hours of co-design work, and created a solid network of relations, ready to develop the collaborative projects that have given rise to the Academy and the Accelerator.

Fun fact: the members of the Operating Team are all women. They are all professionals who come from very different experiences and backgrounds: Laura Morgagni, Director of Torino Wireless; Patrizia Paglia, President of Confindustria Canavese; Alberta Pasquero, Director of Bioparco di Ivrea; Cinzia Sigot, SEC & Associati Newgate partner; Virginia Tiraboschi, Senator of the Italian Republic.

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