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The Olivetti culture is synonymous with project, product, process quality and technological innovation. The digital transition becomes an opportunity for real growth and inclusion

for all.


Behavioural Design

We have never needed skills, digital and otherwise, as much as we do now.

Skills training is at the basis of the changes that await is. It is important not only for young people, so that they can understand and design their own future, but also for workers who are already employed in different economic sectors, so that they are not excluded from the digital transformation.



The first accelerator that meets all the priorities of the European Digital Compass. 
2H Tech is the first start-up and SMEs accelerator using the principles of Behavioural Design to develop non-hostile technology at the service of people.
A verticalized accelerator centred on the issue of mobility.


Innovation for companies

Networking capacity and an ecosystem approach are fundamental values of ICO Valley. Thanks to its partners, ICO Valley is able to activate a network of diverse players, from businesses to research bodies, which can design and deliver innovative services to navigate the digital transition. Palazzo Uffici is the heart of the network and the community.


Digital Territorial Project

Coming soon!

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